Aims Teaching Methods

UA cutting-edge way of learning

Our teaching method includes a multimodal approach using advanced training tools for both the theory and practical stages of each course:

  • Theory sessions with lectures and workshops held by national and international workshops.
  • Live demonstrations of laparoscopic surgery from the operating theatre.
  • Training on live tissue with the aid of expert tutors.
  • Training on inanimate models to acquire basic technical skills.
  • Telementoring by experts from the AIMS Academy in an experimental operating theatre.
  • Tutoring by experts from the AIMS Academy, even at the learner’s hospital.
  • Learning experiences also include the fields of knowing, knowing how to make decisions, and how to proceed.
  • An increasing number of surgeons – beginners and experts – ask to be put in situations where they can learn, not be self-taught. The laparoscopy is very good for measuring and assessing results.
  • A specific factor among the teaching staff at AIMS Academy is that each teacher is constantly undergoing their own learning experience. The fact of learning is a gradual phenomenon, and it is part of a journey that must never end.
  • Sharing best practices, clinical cases and techniques tried out in the training field does not end with the course, but rather it continues online on the AIMS website, where participants can go back to read documents and videos about their courses as well as other related material.

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We have a programme of multidisciplinary subjects divided into different theory and practical courses that comply with the accreditation criteria of the most important surgical societies. We provide all of the facilities needed for each subject.

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