For 10 years, we have been providing our experience and our technologies to organise courses in the various surgical and interventional specialties.

We collaborate with healthcare professionals, medical device companies, associations.

Whatever your needs, contact us to find the ideal configuration for your course together.

What can you do in the AIMS Academy?

Our teaching method combines theory and practice to offer a multimodal approach suitable for any type of experience. It is possible to organize:

  • Conferences, seminars and workshops
  • Live surgeries from external operating rooms, anywhere in the world
  • Mentoring courses face-to-face or in telementoring with experts from the Faculty of AIMS Academy
  • Wet Lab training of laparoscopic procedures or tests of medical devices on anesthetized animal model (AAALAC Certificate).
  • Training Cadaver Lab of surgical procedures or dissection on anatomical specimen
  • POP model training on perfused animal organ for bleeding management (Pulsating Organ Perfusion model)
  • Training Dry Lab on ex-vivo or synthetic models, to learn the basic techniques of laparoscopy and the different suturing methods.

What can AIMS Academy do for you?

AIMS Academy provides the best medical, audio-visual and connectivity technologies for your event.


Discover our spaces

In each practical course, the room staff and veterinarian will guarantee their assistance for the duration of the laboratory sessions.

Depending on your needs, you can request that AIMS also take care of:

  • Scientific direction of the course by the Faculty and the AIMS Network
  • Tutoring in the room by our specialized team
  • Organizing secretariat (registration, transfer and accommodation management, ECM accreditation)
  • Management and purchase of educational material
  • Instant translation services
  • Course recording and video-making services
  • Catering services