Tech developments are ever pushing the boundaries of surgery further forwards. The field of surgery is a sector where investment is increasingly important when it comes to guaranteeing considerable change.

This is why AIMS Academy not only promotes and invests in research; it also tries and tests its innovative techniques in the field, such as micro robotic technologies for minimally invasive abdominal surgery, and the development and application of new biomedical technologies.

Micro robotics for single port surgery: the MILANO Robot Project

A reduction in scarring is one of the aims of minimally invasive surgery.
In fact, lower aggression on the abdominal wall means greater patient comfort and shorter recovery times. The aesthetic consequences are also smaller.

AIMS Academy has the objective of developing new technologies for so-called scar-free surgery, through the body’s natural orifices – N.O.T.E.S.

For this purpose AIMS Academy has provided significant initial financing to the ValueBioTech start-up that together with national and international centres and industrial partners aims to develop semiautonomous micro-robots, guided by the surgeon from the outside, to perform even complex operations through a single tiny incision in the abdomen.


Virtual Reality Surgery

AIMS Academy, working with Orobix, is developing a project for the creation of cutting-edge test equipment for clinical cases using 3D Technology and  Virtual Reality (haptic pen, oculus rift), to allow surgeons to focus immediately on what is more clinically important, increasing operativeness and safety.

It is planned for the project, which is at an advanced stage of the testing process, to be ready for Medical Device certification by the end of 2017.