Virtual Clone (ViC) – virtual reality at the service of surgery

MIAS Foundation is developing a virtual platform for the planning of operator interventions: VirtualClone (ViC). Using the most advanced machine learning technologies, VIC aims to automatically and quickly reconstruct the solid organs of patients in 3D from medical images (CT, MR).

Being conceived from the earliest stages to be integrated with state-of-the-art image display and management systems (e.g. image control via touchless device), ViC will become an important intra-abdominal navigation tool during surgery.

With the end of 2018, the foundation finalized the first prototype focused on pancreatic reconstruction. The prototype was subjected to a usability test involving a small panel of experts from which excellent results were obtained in terms of rendering rendering and general usability.

In the next stages, the prototype will be tested in the hospital setting and will be adapted to the specific needs for “field” application. In parallel, an impressive dataset of segmented images with the organs of interest identified by a team of radiologists will be produced. The lesions where present will also be identified on these images. Thanks to the most advanced artificial intelligence techniques, ViC will process the dataset becoming capable of automatically recognizing the anatomical structures of the abdomen on CT images (liver, spleen, kidneys, pancreas).

To complete the information necessary for a correct planning of the surgical intervention, in 2019 the foundation will open a research front on the application of artificial intelligence to magnetic resonance images.