The AIMS Academy structure is located inside the Niguarda Ca ’Granda Hospital in Milan.

An attractive aspect of the AIMS Academy are the large spaces dedicated to theoretical and practical training. The center is on a human scale to allow visitors excellent networking moments during the different sessions.

The center occupies an area of ​​about 2500 square meters on 4 levels:

  • on the mezzanine floor a reception hall, a catering space and a 90-seat conference room with control room, simultaneous translation, direct video conference connection with the operating room of the Niguarda Hospital in Milan and networked with any operating room in the world.
  • on the first floor there is a 20-seat teaching room, a multimedia laboratory for the archiving and editing of surgical material, a classroom for exercises on synthetic models and biological tissues (dry lab) with seven endolaparoscopy workstations.
  • on the second floor there is an area with workstations equipped for scientific activities and administrative management.
  • in the basement, a classroom for exercises on biological models (wet lab) with seven complete operating stations equipped with anesthesiological equipment and all the most modern interventional technologies.
Hall and catering area
Conference hall
Auditoriums and labs